Vista-Stellafeld is an Episode written and Directed by Sunshinetug.


Kiara is watching Kopa while Simba and Nala are away. She gets bord, and Decieds to go and find something else to do. Kopa, meanwhile wanders away to a spot called "Vista-Stellafeld". Simba and Nala return to find Kopa gone again, and ask Kiara if she knows where he is. Kiara tells them what she did. Simba, Nala, and Kiara go and Look for Kopa. Kopa is wandering, when he finds a Bull's Skull. He gets scared and runs away. He finds Kiara, who is happy to see him. Kiara, however, gets grounded for three weeks.



  • This episode was going to be the fourth episode, but another episode, Nala's scary Story, took its place. Making it the Fifth.